Monday, August 30, 2010

Bob the builders birthday

It may not seem like much of a birthday today because he did get up at 5, went to work, and now he's home getting ready to paint the railing on the back deck. He is so tall he stands on the ground and paints that side of the railing while I paint the inside.
We were putting primer paint on that way on Saturday when Tika got herself all mixed up and stepped into the paint. That required a bath in the sink and the scrubbing of her paws which she did not like. Hopefully she doesn't do it again.
Once a week (on Mondays) Bob goes over to his Aunt Lee's house to play music with her and to teach her how to play her banjo and the dobro guitar she now has. In exchange, she gives me lessons in china painting which she has world wide recognition for. Kind of an unfair exchange because she has the ability to play music, but I do not have any ability when it comes to drawing and painting that requires shading. I am very good at colors and abstract. She certainly has to work far harder at trying to teach me than Bob has to work to teach her. The really great part of this, is that at the end of the lesson Aunt Lee may tell Bob a story about his dad Joe, her brother. Bob's mother died when he was 16 or 17 and his father died quite awhile ago also.
I think this has been a wonderful part of moving here. Bob not only lives by most of his family, in the area he grew up in, but he also has many, many life long friends that he can see regularly. I get a bonus also. When I lived in Salt Lake for 10 years, I lived near 2 sisters and my parents. Living here in Washington, I live by the other 2 sisters and I get all of Bob's family. 2 aunties live nearby and a 3rd one about 11/2 hours away, and an uncle. I really like having extra aunties.I haven't lived near my auntie Janis in a long time. Unfortunately, my daughter Darcy, her husband Chris, and their son Eli, just moved from Washington, back to Northern California, so my really big bonus got revoked.

Thought for the day is from Robin St. John:

What the heart gives away is never gone.....It is kept in the hearts of others.

Take care and remember that life is a gift.

Happy birthday Bob. You are the love of my life.

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