Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Farm continued

Shortly after moving here, our two dogs got into a spat (we think) and our little Boston terrier lost one of her blue eyes. She is a very spunky little girl, most days exuding tons of joy and a little p&v. Her name is Tika. Our bigger dog is Abby, who can actually smile. I'll post a picture of her after I take a picture of her smiling. It's very cute.

We no sooner got over that, then I hurt my knee, and not to long after recovering from that, I got knocked over by one of the really old horses (she was not being mean) and got trampled by her. I wound up with the worst shoulder break the Orthopedic surgeon had ever seen. I now have extra body parts....a metal plate and 9 screws and I am still working on geting all my arm movement back. The old mare that knocked me down lost her best friend last fall (another old mare) and the farm still doesn't feel the same. This is the two old friends together last fall. They are Fire (on the left) and Diva (with her back to us).

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