Monday, August 23, 2010

I survived

Well, the big classic car show is over, the family reunion picnic is over and I lived to tell about it

The car show was Saturday the 14th of August. It turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far for this area. My friend Joy and I crafted ourselves crazy to get ready. We set up our wares for sale and spent most of the day relocating our wares and ourselves to the shade. A very nice man in the next tent over selling cat and dog products loaned us one of his sun filter sides for our was wonderful and helped tremendously.

Not much traffic, but those that did show up in the heat liked our products. That doesn't mean they bought anything because the economy is in the same depressed place it has been, but at least we know if they had money to spend they would purchase our creations.

On Saturday the 21st, we had the family reunion picnic for my husband's family. We were mostly in charge of planning and executing, and thankfully we had tons of help by most of the family attending.
I also had to get the house ready for Bob's daughter Sarah and her husband Brian to visit so the whole week was a big push to either clean, cook, plan, shop, or eat. All four of us were successful in our endeavors.

On the way to Bob's aunt's house a week ago today to practice music, we hit a detour for construction that took us up a side street. As we drove past one house in particular there was a bunch of stuff sitting out front like you would set out for a garage sale. I asked Bob to back up so we could take a look. It was actually pretty interesting as they had quite a bit of stuff that said FREE!. There were old books and newspapers and one old memory album that was very interesting. Bob, Sarah, Brian, and I spent the rest of the week reading all these very cool old papers. The ads alone were amazing as well as reading again about the news of the time
The old album is what interests me the most at the moment and my next post will include something from it.

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