Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's rainy here in Woodinville and your thought for the day.

I have a plethora of things I use daily to inspire me or give me things to ponder. Today's thought says "Tears are a gift that cleanses the body of toxins and nourishes the seeds of hope that can grow even in a broken heart".
That seems kind of apropos today as it is raining like crazy here today, but I don't know of any broken hearts. I am happy that all the food seeds that have burst into plants get watered for free and continue to grow, especially all my pumpkins. I don't know why I love watching them grow so much, but I do. I was hoping to have Eli here to share some with, but Palo Alto is a tad far. However, my oldest sister Jayne' says that horses like pumpkins and squash, so I may have an opportunity to share with them and confirm this information. Bob and I have also grown some carrots and we KNOW that they will gobble those up fast. Quite frequently we find the cottontail bunnies out in the garden. You might be interested to know they did not eat the carrot crops, but did eat all of Bob's pea plants. Who could have predicted that? We put the lettuce and kale up out of their reach or they might have found more to devour.
Even though it is rainy and gray here today, the beauty of western Washington and Woodinville in particular is all the green and the trees. Somehow, for me, that makes all the gray okay. The dogs who sleep plenty as it is on any given day, are buried under the covers. It really makes me chuckle to see Tika the Boston Terrier do that, and to watch her come out from under the covers is a total crack up. The horses have hidden under their sheds and all seems peaceful on the farm.
I may not have a broken heart that needs mending, but I have in the past. The universe does not put limits on anything, which means there are no limits on love....being loved, lovable, or loving. Do your best and give as much as possible away every day. What comes back to you will be worth it!! Like my pumpkin vines, your love could be vining all over the place. What a thought.     Love to you whoever you are and wherever you go.

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