Thursday, September 30, 2010

2 degrees shy of perfection and walking the dogs

You have never seen such excitement as when I get the leashes out unless there is food involved. Food gets me rapt attention, but the leashes, well it is just crazy until we get out the door.
If Bob goes with me in the afternoon or evening for a walk I don't take music, but if I take the dogs out by myself I love listening to my i-shuffle. It's a cute little bugger that holds 240 songs. Enough for several walks and sing sessions at home while making dinner.
When I worked outside the home I could never play anything but new age music because I want to sing to it all the time. Not too cool when you work in a call center and the phone rings in your ear right in the middle of your favorite chorus or you work at a hospital and the doctor wants your help. When I drive in the car I sing to my radio or Cd's. I get caught by other drivers all the time. I am sure they think I'm a dork but I don't care. Life is short and I'm enjoying myself. Notice that joy is in the middle of enjoying. A lot of times we don't enjoy ourselves because we worry what others might think. But no one is getting hurt here and nothing rude or crass is happening so if we are having fun and feeling good.....well I say sing your heart out.
So now I will confess that I sing along with my i-shuffle while I'm walking the dogs. I sing out loud and thoroughly enjoy myself. Where I walk that is a pretty safe thing to do, but some cars do drive by and occasionally people are in their yards. So today, some man drove by and because is was nearly a perfect day he had his window down as did the next person after him. He caught me unaware because I was looking at trees and leaves and singing along with the Beach Boys and we were in Surf City. I couldn't help but notice the funny look on his face. Or the woman that came right after him.
Surf City was pretty good for a day like today. Not a cloud in the sky and nearly perfect. What more could a girl and her dogs ask for?
As Elvis sang so sweetly....Memories.

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