Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An essay for a job posting

So several years back when I was working for Marriott Rewards as a team facilitator, I thought I wanted to work in Mr. Marriott's office. The manager of that department required you write an essay so that she could determine your level of writing skills and possibly to see what you might come up with.
One of my co-workers did an outstanding job writing on customer service. Neither one of us got the job, but it was interesting at the time.
I took a copy of my old Christ mas news letter and revamped it because it is still an issue in the world and I would truly love for it to work the way my essay suggests. Of course, I could only get that kind of response or action if my name was Oprah.
I scanned this is to show you since it wasn't part of my document list.

Supporting examples

Feed the Mind

Read interesting and thought provoking materials. Talk with someone whose knowledge in an area that interests you exceeds your level of knowledge. Have a healthy debate with someone and challenge yourself to see and understand another’s point of view. Attend a lecture.

Feed the Body

Break bread with friends and family. A lot of things happen at gatherings. People laugh and tell stories. They share hopes and aspirations, sadness and joy, victories and defeats, love and fear. They inspire as they are in turn inspired.

Dining alone is also beneficial. It gives time to turn inward and have a deeper appreciation of the times when you do have gatherings or to taste and savor food without distraction.

Feed the Spirit

This can be accomplished in so many ways.

Gratitude – being thankful for all that you do have.

Appreciation – for nature, the sunset, the leaves dancing in the street, a great friend, a wonderful partner, a loving parent, children who are people you love to know. I could wax on for hours with this thought.

Forgiveness – an easy word to say. A hard feeling to actually dispense. It is an earthly struggle for most of mankind, but so beneficial for the spirit of the person who can bring themselves to it.

Thought for the day:
The ticking of the clock connects our life like a dot-to-dot picture as we move from minute to minute.

Which reminds me that today is my nephew Matthew's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Matt!!!
Have a 12 year old kind of fun day!
Auntie Jeanne loves you.

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