Monday, September 6, 2010

The greatest pleasure often comes from doing a secret good deed

This was the thought for the day that I got when I flipped the page. It takes me back to a few days ago when I mentioned the happiness derived from doing random acts of kindness.
I am going to tell on myself and tell you some of the acts I did as well as some of the cool things that happened.
At the time, I was working at a salon in Glendora, Ca called Peaches and Cream. I was a very happy massage therapist doing a job utilizing a God given talent. Not only did I get paid for this, I also received gratuities. A very nice bonus and immediate to spend. On the same street was a little book store owned by a very nice woman. I would go in there to buy books, support her small business, and chat. She would tell me about some of her customers which included young children. She told me they did not always have the money to buy what they wanted. I decided to leave some of my tip money "on account" with her, and when she had a customer that she knew was cash poor, but appeared to want a book, she was to gift it to them with a card from me that I had made up. I tried to make the cards pretty. I hand wrote them and placed them in envelopes. They said....You have just received a random act of kindness. Please enjoy. If this felt good to you, all I ask is that sometime in the future you pass this feeling along and gift someone with a random act of kindness all your own.   I asked the proprietor to let them know if they inquired that this was anonymous and I didn't want to know who they were either for the reasons I mentioned in a previous post.
Someone at my work (I think) found out I was doing this. I had been buying a book called A Grateful Heart to give away as gifts to friends or family or clients, to whoever I thought would truly enjoy its content. I had been buying them one at a time when ever I had extra money, but I had asked the shop owner to order about 8 of them so they would be on hand when I could afford to get them. They next time I popped into her shop to pick up a copy and to check how our fund was going, she handed me a package. Someone had come into the shop and paid for 4 books and left a note for me that touched my heart forever. I will let you know what it said if you ask.
One of my other places for treating was at a coffee bar called the 222. It was up the street from the salon at 222 Glendora Ave.  There were 2 of the cutest and nicest girls who worked there. Every now and again as I was paying for my coffee, if I had tip money on hand, I would give either one of them money and tell them it was for someones coffee later after I had gone. I gave them a card to hand out with the coffee, and gave the same instructions..anonymous on both sides.
On of the days, one of the girls called the salon, asked for me, and she was sobbing. She just had to tell me about the person who was the latest recipient. Apparently it was a woman who had been going through hard times, and was so astounded at being gifted so, she had started to cry. The young girls working there were inspired to their own RAOK (that alone was worth it). They adored me as much as I adored them.
Sometimes when I stopped at one of my favorite restaurants for lunch, I would ask the waitress to search the place and see if there was an elderly person dining alone and to please give me the ticket. Again I would give a card with the usual instructions to the waitress. I would usually do that just when I was about to pay and leave so I could get out quick and keep it anonymous. I don't think I ever got caught, but I would spend the whole day happy, envisioning every elderly person I passed by in any town by the way, as the one.
I also have cards made up that I try to give out to servers in restaurants. I know we leave them gratuities that are supposed to express our "appreciation" of their service, but when I get that exceptional person, besides tipping, I want them to have something in their hand to remind them that someone truly appreciated them.
Just this morning Bob and I went out early on a value hunt to a store where most of the employees are pleasant, but in a hurry. The woman who checked us out today was exceptional. Although I told her in person, I didn't have a card made up, but have since decided that I need a card for these occasions also.
I haven't told you all my RAOK because I shouldn't.  Next posting though I have something interesting to mention about almost missing an opportunity for simple kindness.
Hope you had a play filled day and NO work on  Labor Day.  If you have received a ROAK I would love to hear about it.

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