Friday, September 10, 2010

I have 4 pumpkins and some funny looking squash

It's is quiet on the farm today and gloomy outside and I feel procrastination and lethargy coming on strong.
One of my thoughts for the day says....Deciding what is needed creates the possibility of getting it. (unknown)
Differentiating between what you truly need and what you want is hard enough sometimes. Of course if it is just the fluff stuff we think we need/want, then the decision isn't really difficult at all. Telling ourselves NO may be the hardest part. On days like today, the whole thing seems difficult or maybe I should decide that I need some enthusiasm and work on getting it.
I can see out my one window that the pumpkins are growing and becoming more orange so I went outside to snap a picture. I just love watching pumpkin vines spread themselves out and reach far....and they grow pumpkins on top of that after flowering. The hummingbird was still here today, but as I see some of the leaves changing around the neighborhood, I wonder everyday if it is the last day before they set out on their long trek to wherever they will be going. Their little bodies and how far they fly to spend the winter is beyond amazing if you think about it. I think the only thing that amazes me more is the monarch butterfly migration.
My pumpkin photo doesn't show the funny looking squash. I am uncertain as to what we planted, and that will also mean being uncertain as to how to cook it.....always a challenge.

This is Aria in the fore front and her sister Bronte slightly behind her. The third mare is Chatelaine. I can see them every afternoon out my living room and kitchen windows. They love it if I bring them carrots and the only thing I think they love more is knowing someone is going to open the gates that let them run into the grazing pasture.

My second thought for the day is from Sydney Smith:  Life is fortified by many friendships. To love, and to be loved, is the greatest happiness of existence.

So I am going to go out, pull myself up by the boot straps to get ride of the dull drums, go see all my four legged friends and get happy.

I have carrots!!!!!!

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