Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Joan of Arcadia

A few years back there was a TV series called Joan of Arcadia. The next town over from where I worked in Glendora was called Arcadia so I started watching this show. Don't know if was about the town of Arcadia near me or somewhere else???? who knows. Anyway, the premise of the show was that God would show up in the beings of people around Joan to talk with her and to give her challenges or problems to solve, etc.. I found this somewhat interesting as I recall reading a quote somewhere (exact verbiage escapes me) and basically what I got from it was the thought to be aware of every person and how you treat them because you may never know when you are in the presence of God. Having said that, I am going to expand it somewhat and give my full thought. You are the presence of God as is everyone around you, every piece of nature around you, and every living creature. We walk around everyday and kind of forget that full thought, but it exists none the less.
Here is where I am going to tell on myself and how I almost missed an opportunity of simple kindness.
One day at the salon, it was busier that usual and I did not have time for lunch or dinner. I actually left later than my usual 9:30 ish and was very hungry. I don't eat at very many fast food places, but I stopped at an acceptable one on my way home and ordered a meal with a drink and maybe extras...it came out to be a ton of food. You know the eyes are bigger than the stomach rule I am sure. It was dark as I was waiting for my order. All of a sudden a man was at my window wanting money for food. Now anyone who knows me really well and is on my Christ mas (no error) card list may remember the year I sent a newsletter talking about homeless people and how I cannot bring myself to just hand out money if I think they are scammers (and there are) or if I have concerns about them using the money to buy cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs, but I do believe in handing out food or paying for them to have food or donating to the food banks. What he wanted from me was money at that moment and I said no. I was startled and didn't really think it through before I answered. He left my window and eventually I received my food and started to drive off in a hurry to get home as well as appease my growling stomach. But somehow in the darkness and my haste, the thought popped into my mind that this could be God/Jesus and what would I do for one of them? Put my car in reverse, find the hungry person in question and hand over my humongous order of food.

Two thoughts for the day run on the same theme:
Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower.

You are responsible for your own happiness. Circumstances beyond your control may put impediments in your path, but they don't have to be barriers. Finding out how to get around them and continue on your way is the secret of successful living.

I think I said something like that just the other day, but I always appreciate finding a better wording. Now if I can remember it in the future !!!???

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