Thursday, September 16, 2010

Life is short. LIVE LAUGH LOVE

A few days ago, the daily thought that was revealed when I flipped the page over said....When bored with the familiar routine, remember that today is not a repeat performance, but a debut.

Now I have missed a few days on posting for various reasons. I have two thoughts for the day that I posted on Face book, but the reason I used one from a few days ago here today, is that life is short and that thought brings me to part of my point.

I had bagels and coffee with a friend this morning who has had some medical challenges herself over the last few years and she just learned recently that one of her brothers has a really big challenge.
One of the horses on the farm has had several medical challenges recently, and one of them popped up today to revisit her and her owner is out of the country.....and I'm worried. Now I feel like I haven't spent enough time with her and I feel bad, but I cannot go back in time and do better. (names have been with held to protect the innocent and I haven't asked permission)

Today's thought is important because it is a different way of saying that today is a gift...a one time gift actually. There are no refunds or do overs and unfortunately, no repeats of really fantastic days. Hopefully you get another one tomorrow. And most likely everyone will. But will everyone you know get one as well.....or not????  If you have children, grand children, siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, friends, pets...the same goes for them  - life is short. Now I think it would be very funny to sit down with one of my dogs and have this discussion, cause they live in the moment anyway and love me no matter what. (Thank God) It is what I do for them and how I treat them that is important. Abby's head just popped up...I think she heard me type the word treat and now thinks I should give her one.
We all get busy with the busy- ness of life and sometimes we have things we are holding in our hearts that we shouldn't. Since you have no real idea how short or long life is going to be for you or anyone you know and care about how could you hold onto old stuff that isn't good for you and keep yourself from giving or receiving as many moments as you could? A clean house is great, but God won't be asking you if your house was clean or did you feed from all the food groups properly. This is not a vote for fast food by the way, I think it's important to break bread together, but having a quickie meal and spending some time with someone might be more worth while sometimes.
So, if you have any regrets, are they things you can either still do or fix?????  Go for it. Mend fences, give hugs, smile, say hello, wear something you are saving, use the good dishes, make that phone call or write a note. If you are one of the few and lucky who don't have any issues, just spend time, give love, have bagels and coffee, sit on the porch, pet the pooch, groom the kitty, and enjoy the sunset.
But most of all....laugh. Life is too short to not have fun at every opportunity.

I am going out to the barn to spend a few extra minutes with a special horse and take some pictures with Bob's help.
Oh darn....he would like some dinner first. double darn...Zoe the cat would too. I told you life was short.

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