Friday, September 17, 2010

Mans best friend

I wonder sometimes if it is mere coincidence that God spelled backwards spells dog. Not that I think God looks like a dog, but rather, the two have many similarities like patience and unconditional love.
I was at a wedding recently and part of the sermon/talk said that you should treat God and those in your life the way you want God to treat you.
It seems like no matter what happens to a dog, he still loves his master/mistress. Forget to come home in a timely fashion and feed them, it's okay.....just feed me now and let me go potty. Ignore me for a few days, no problem....I'm just so dang happy to see you I don't know when my tail will stop wagging. Play with me for 5 minutes and I will forget you were mad at me for doing potty in the house because you didn't come home on time. The list is probably endless and I have seen some dogs that were so abused go right home to their owners. I find that absolutely amazing. It seems as though God works the same way. Ignore him, abuse him, turn your back on doesn't matter because he has patience and unconditional love on his side. He will love you no matter what and he will be hanging around just waiting for you to acknowledge him and say HI!
Doesn't mean you get to get away with murder or anything like that. There are still consequences for breaking the rules, but say you're sorry with sincerity and ask for forgiveness.......well don't you find it amazing that you could still be loved by someone after that????  Oh my goodness!!!! I feel a puppy sigh coming on now. Speaking of which, have you listened to your dog do a puppy sigh lately and doesn't it just make you melt to know they are so happy being near you???
So it seems like we all need to take a lesson once in awhile from our best friends; you want to be loved, give some love, want to be heard, listen, want a friend, be a friend, want to be trusted, be trustworthy, want forgiveness, give some.....which reminds me....I try to dump the bag of doggy dew-dew in the big trash can once a week because I don't want it hanging around stinking up the can or anything else. So if you have a bag of crap you have been dragging around, lighten the load and dump it quick. You know how old crap stinks or is that crabs????

Today's thought is from Mother Teresa -
The true way and the sure way to friendship is through humility - being open to each other, accepting each other just as we are, knowing each other.

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