Thursday, September 9, 2010

Seek comfort in the garden, seek adventure on the mountain, but seek the truth within yourself. (anonymous)

That's one of my daily thoughts today. I have another for later at the end of the posting.

This one has many ways to interpret - seeking the truth within yourself -.  I am usually looking at several things about myself continually. I want to expand my awareness and have more truth and I want to balance the areas of myself that I don't always like with the ones I do like about myself by reaching down to that one part of me and pulling it up close and bringing it along while I go about the business of enlightenment.
I don't know if all the great people out there that have inspired me or will inspire me in the future have settled all those parts of themselves......or do they just not give them any attention, take the good parts and focus on them. A very good question that I may never know the answer too. Such as.... did Mother Theresa have any short comings??? Or, did she just take that wonderful, compassionate part of herself, focus on caring for others, and didn't think about her own short comings or worry about fixing them? And miraculously, as she practised love and compassion, the short comings fixed themselves?????
I am uncertain if you even need to fix them, I think half the battle is just being aware and knowing you have them..
Or knowing the truth within mean that you understand there is a higher power. I read at one time that someone asked Albert Einstein if he believed in God. His answer was something like (I can't quote exactly) - If you walk outside and look at nature, how could you not believe in God.
Or, could it be that moment when you encounter someone, or have a conversation and you get that gut feeling. Is that a truth within?
All good things to ponder on this fine, almost end of summer, fall is sneaking in kind of day.
My sister Suzanne told me once that every question you have can be answered by observing nature.
The horses outside my window are busy grazing and enjoying the sun. They don't rack their brains trying to answer all these questions because they are busy just BEing. Gotta love how simple it really is.

The brightest blazes of happiness are often kindled by unexpected sparks. (anonymous)

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