Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The secret life of a mushroom

under the corner of the barn

along a dirt road

hiding out along the barn wall
Mushrooms are kind of interesting at the same time they are kind of creepy. They seem to grow wherever they want and don't appear to have roots since I can pick them out of the ground with the dog poop rake. Trust me, I don't know if they have roots or not. I am not inclined to touch them and I garden with the same amount of knowledge as I have when I use the computer.....just enough to be dangerous.
The dictionary says the mushroom is a fungus. So okay. What makes it decide to grow in any particular spot and when I pick it out with the rake, why doesn't it just grow back again. Did the fungus move or grow itself out??
I had to laugh when I found the one little mushroom growing underneath the edge of the barn corner. It almost seemed desperate to have a life. Sometimes I am amazed at how big they can grow. The grouping along the barn wall was hiding out behind a plant and was about 20 inches long all together.  The one I found along the dirt road was near a bunch of other ones, but was about 8-10 inches across by itself. It was rather huge looking and could have easily been a home for a creature. Does that make it a toad stool?? There were several more just as big but some of them had already collapsed. Had something been sitting on them?
A frog or an gnome maybe? The mushroom will never tell.

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