Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What happened to good manners??

Just recently I was doing my weekly stroll through the 100.00 dollar club (Costco) when I almost got run over by some man.  This type of thing has happened before in many different types of stores or hallways. As I stood there in amazement at what almost happened with disbelief that he didn't even stop or bother to excuse himself or ...oh my gosh....apologize, a woman standing across the walkway discussed with me that common manners seemed to have disappeared. I have had that same thought many times over the past several years especially when people push past you or through you like you need to always move for them. The word entitlement seems to rear it's ugly head again. This woman mentioned that people are "just" so busy these days, but frankly, I cannot see that as an excuse for rudeness and lack of manners. My grandmother would be appalled and rolling in her grave (ashes) if I behaved that way.

Since I am lamenting about a serious lack of manners, I also have to tell about the good things that make my day.
I was in Trader Joe's picking up one thing and did what usually happens when I think I am only going to get one thing; don't bother to get a basket and now I have four things and my arms are full. They only had one checker and the woman in front of me had a very full shopping cart. I was thinking YIKES!!! I'll be here forever,  when she turns and asks me to go ahead of her. I asked her if she was certain, she replied in the positive while adding that life is short, she's a hospice nurse, and a few extra minutes with her cart won't kill her. After thanking her profusely a discussion ensued between her, the checker, and myself about good manners, the shortness of life, and now paying a good deed forward. Being a hospice nurse I am more than certain she knows exactly how short life can be.
This was for me, the beginning of that season where people do kind things for each other and sent me on a day long love fest with the world in general. Just one kind deed did that.

Now I only have one question.....where is Miss Manners when you need her????

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