Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wicked - or that's what my socks say

I am a person that does not have a "one favorite" thing at all in any category. I have many songs I like, many movies, many colors, etc...
So now that I said that I will say that Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year.
Fall brings us to this day and it seems to be the beginning of a season that flows for me clear to Valentines Day. Or at the very least, New Year's day. Of course every retailer in the country is already pushing for Christ mas before I have fully enjoyed this day or even begun to think about Thanksgiving.
I was never very good at thinking up a costume so I quit going out to "trick or treat" when I was somewhere between 10-12, but before then I would go out as long as I could with the goal in mind of gathering enough candy to last me to Easter. Unfortunately, Easter didn't give enough candy to last me until the next Halloween. What's up with the Easter Bunny????

I love the fall as you may have garnered from my other posts, and Halloween is for some reason a special day. The kids are all excited and they believe they are whoever they dressed up to be like and they are so dang cute you just want to keep all of them....uhhh, wait a minute...maybe just until the sugar kicks in, then send them home. No matter what, they are beyond adorable and irresistible.
I once had a boy at my door tell me I was too nice to be the witch I was dressed up to be.
Unfortunately, I am trick or treat er deprived here because the street I live on doesn't have that many houses and the driveway is just a tad longer that usual. The only good thing about that is I don't have to buy any candy that will be leftover and consumed by the cookie monster or myself.

I won't let missing the kids in all their finery deter me from enjoying this day.  My older sister tells me the horses like pumpkins, so I may need to have some ready to share with all of them as we watch for the witches ride by the light of the silvery moon.

My black cat self is ready!!

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