Saturday, December 25, 2010

So this is Christ mas

Some Christ mas song starts with that line and I like it so I borrowed it for today.
2010 has been a year of introspection, contemplation, some changes, and some confusion.
When you have a regular job you seem to always know who you are because what you do for a living is so much a part of your life and you fill in the rest with all kinds of other things. I haven't had a job now for a year and half. That leaves me feeling confused at times because I have never had a problem getting a job. Is it me, or is it the economy. I am beginning to think there is some type of discrimination because I have not been a Washingtonian for long enough, but that is only my opinion. It also seems like you get a lot done when you are busy and working. I stay at home and poof! the day is gone. I look around wondering what I really accomplished. Some days I feel like I only pottied the dogs, feed them, and had my coffee. How lame is that???

Life on the farm is good and Bob and I love the peaceful easy feeling that comes with being surrounded by all the great horses on the property. Most every evening we go out to the barn to close up which means we shut the horses stalls and do a few other things depending on the temperature etc.. Everyone else can close the barn in 5 minutes or so it seems, but it takes me 20 minutes because I have to talk to each and everyone of them and give them love. Of course I get plenty of love in return so it's all worth while.

Last year at this time I had my last physical therapy sessions for my shoulder. I feel like I have about 85% of my range of motion. I don't know if I'll get it all back or not....only time will tell.

Bob built a little green house this spring utilizing old windows from a building that was torn down and then we planted a small garden near it. The garden didn't grow as well as we would have liked because the summer weather wasn't the best and the bunnies ate our peas, the crows consumed the corn, and the dirt was too hard for the carrots to really grow long, but they were cute, short, fat little things and the horses loved them anyway.We also had some cute pumpkins. They didn't grow very large either because of the lack of sun, but watching them grow made me happy. We'll do better next year.

Then Darcy, her husband Chris, and my grandson Eli moved back to Northern California which was a big bummer. Eli and I were attending Home Depot workshops for kids most every Saturday and either having bagels or Frost donuts as a treat afterwards. If you don't live here, you won't know about Frost donuts, but oh are they yummy!!! Better than Krispy Kreme's any day.
While we were at Homer's place, Bob was playing music most every Saturday with our friend Mark who along with his wife May board two horses here. The boys are sounding really good. Occasionally other people sit in on their sessions, like Bob's brother Cliff and just today, his cousin's husband Dave. I pop my head in occasionally to sing when they play something I really like.
We spent the better part of the fall staining the front porch and the back deck along with painting the railings. As I have explained in the past, I say "we" loosely because Bob did the majority of the work. It looks really good. We are praying it doesn't need it again for a while since it was such a chore.

I did spend most of the summer working a booth on Fridays at the Farmer's market. I did it in conjunction with the stamp store I go to frequently. I fill in there sometimes when they need help and teach classes occasionally when it works out. I also did a few craft shows with a friend. Selling your creative wares in the current economic climate is tough. I don't think I will bother next year. I did have fun meeting and greeting different folks through all kinds of weather. I've decided the bread lady from Great Harvest bread had the best job....she asked folks if they would like a slice of bread, had butter ready, and sold lots of her product.

I had several firsts like starting this blog, signing onto Face book,  volunteering at the local hospital, helping out with a horse at the farm, and crocheting my fingers to the bone (just kidding). I did produce some darn pretty winter scarves if I must say so myself. I still go to Bob's aunties house to china paint....I guess I'm into humility sessions.
Bob is really into playing music and recording it. He has figured out how to record onto the computer and even uploaded one to YouTube. As part of his Christ mas he got a new web cam and has been very busy making videos. Pretty dang cute if you ask me.

My son Byron was all over the map it seemed like this summer going from Oregon to Louisiana, Utah, Texas, Arizona and ???? He is currently making his way back to Oregon to be with Atlas my other grandson. Hopefully they will make it here for a visit soon. I can't hardly believe this, but Atlas is 12 already rolling quickly onto 13 in February.

Bob's daughter Sarah and her husband Brian made it up here this past August for the Scheffer, Tweed, Vanderpass family reunion. A good time was had by all...mostly the little kids treasure hunting through straw for coins and other goodies.

I was out shopping the other day (regular shopping) and wondered as I watched the frenzy if most of them remembered why we have Christ mas or has it slipped their minds. I wonder about this especially when they are rude and pushy.....I really want to ask them what they are thinking.
I have this perfect quote by S. Eliot - Christ is the still point of the turning world.
 Buy gifts for the kids but the reason for the season is not shopping no matter what the retailers want you to think and the kids need to understand that Christ mas is about love....not toys and things (some adults need reminding of this).
 In 2011, continue on, be grateful, cultivate compassion, donate to the food bank, be forgiving, be healthy, be kind, do random acts of kindness, be loving, and most of all   - BELIEVE.

Peace and blessing. Love, Jeanne and Bob

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