Friday, May 20, 2011

How to know which way to go ????

This question is surrounded by many of the thoughts that have been ruminating in my brain for awhile and that have kept me busy and not posting.
Last weekend Bob and I went for a drive to pick up a special fuchsia that I had to order. It was in a city way south of here and we had to drive by Renton where my grandparents lived when I was young. Things are never the way you remember them....why is that? The reason I mention taking this drive is because the web site of this greenhouse had their own hand drawn map that you could print and use to get to their location. Now this map had very straight lines and seemed very straightforward. Bob even asked if I knew if the person who drew the map was an architect or something.
So on our way down I asked Bob to take me by my grandparents old house first which he did. It is painted a nice color and has an attractive front door, but other things around the property have, the peach tree that I have the fondest memories of, is gone. HOW COULD THEY DO THAT?????
Anyway, as we proceeded south from there, we used the GPS that's on my phone just for kicks (we didn't really think we would need it because of the map). Welllllllll, life is never so simple and straightforward either, so if we hadn't had the GPS, we would have had a total adventure drive for sure. Getting there actually involved several curvy roads, a fork in the road where you had to choose, and many more miles than the map seemed to indicate.

Basically, a lot like life don't you think?
So how does one know which way to go sometimes when you don't have GPS to figure it all out for you?
I'm still working on that one. I don't have a sure fire map, that's for sure. I have to ask myself everyday lately, who am I, who do I want to be, were am I going, could I just win the lotto, what work am I supposed to be doing???? It just goes on and seems endless.
I have often said to myself and others - "You have a plan and God has a plan, and your (meaning whoever is the You) plan doesn't work". I can accept that, and I believe it to be true, but right now, I wish the GPS would click on and lead me straight and true to my next gig.

As I was strolling through the halls of the local hospital where I have been volunteering, I actually looked up and saw a sign that asked that question. It had a map showing how to get most anywhere in the facility. There is always that one little place that says "You are here". Maybe I don't have to be anywhere else or be doing anything else.....maybe I am "HERE"!

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