Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christ mas day and all hearts find their way home

As Bob and I were driving to dinner last night I saw a plethora of crows in flight as well as sitting on tree branches. I had a short thought at that moment that they don't think of this day or Christ mas as anything special or different. It is just another day in life for them. I don't even think they have thoughts about good days or bad. Maybe they do when they consider did they find food or not. As I sit here by my window that looks out to several horses, I see them standing today trying to stay out of the wetness and the look on their face doesn't indicate that they are thinking about too much else. So basically, it is left to humans only to consider the wonders of the world, love, peace, joy, happiness, salvation, sorrows, mistakes, making money, paying taxes, and the myriad of things we do everyday and think about everyday.

Thoughts of Christ mas can strike terror into the hearts of the very bravest as we begin to think about shopping, buying, wrapping, sending, opening, cooking, traveling, cleaning, meeting new people, and a few things I haven't even mentioned. At this point in time the life of a creature can seem pretty good. It seems as though they have been exempted from this world of free will and needing a saviour. So today is just like yesterday was or tomorrow will be except for the unknowns in their lives....survival. Yet many of us thank God everyday for giving us the beauty of his nature in it's simplest form or the complex order that we don't bother to contemplate usually. And, he gave many of those creatures the ability to be friends with humans and to give us his comfort, loyalty, and love his way...unconditionally.

So the creatures of the world are going about their daily busyness and those of us in the world that believe in Christ are preparing to celebrate. I'm not certain as to how Hallmark, Hershey's, Santa, Toys R Us, and a bunch of other things got into the celebration, but it's all good.
I just sent out Christ mas cards myself that said "Believe" with a Santa's sleigh sitting on a deck out in the woods. I loved the picture and what it represents for me. What I believe in is the love and compassion that fills a heart on or near Christ mas. It's usually there everyday anyway, but it blossoms and grows and almost bursts out of people during this time. Having a day to celebrate gives us the opportunity to focus on something besides our survival. Yet it is not about money, gifts, who has the most toys, or who didn't receive a gift. It's about LOVE. Webster's or your favorite dictionary tries to define it for us, but it is that which we cannot define yet seek most that really defines the word love. It is the reason for the season as they say.

Until one feels the spirit of Christ mas, there is no Christ mas.
For the spirit of Christ mas fulfils the greatest hunger of mankind.

May God bless you, your family, your friends, and those greatest of gifts, your creature friends.
Breath deeply of all this love and goodwill. Hold it. Let it out slowly. Share like crazy everyday.

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