Sunday, March 4, 2012

My darling husband...

I love the fact that my husband and I have a few of our own individual interests, but then we have so many more in kind.
One of the great things about living in the country so to speak and living on a horse farm is the other creatures that live so close. I love the little cotton tail bunnies I come across in the spring to the summer, but all year round I have birds. There are always crows. As annoying as the cawing can be at times, they are also quite interesting to watch. How they gather in huge groups is also tremendously interesting. My husband and I have observed several murder of crows while driving around in the past several months that have stretched a half mile long and seemed to have several thousands.
There are also plenty of robins, a few jays, an occasional woodpecker, barn swallows, chickadees (one of my favorites) a hawk or two, fly by geese, ducks, herons, eagles, and a flock of red winged blackbirds.
My all time favorite though is the hummingbirds that have stayed all year round for the last two years. They are charming to say the least and they have endeared themselves to me by the visits they pay me especially when I am out in the yard for any length of time.

The real reason for this post though, is how darling and wonderful my husband is when it comes to indulging my birds. You may recall a few posts in the past about him helping me to rescue some birds and the things he has done to save them. This time though, he was just so cute I wanted to just kiss him (well, kiss him more since I always want to kiss him). He showed me a picture of a birdhouse that he e-mailed from his work to his personal email; it was made from a simple wood frame that covered a boot that was nailed to the frame which was intended to be the actual house for the bird(s). The next thing I know, we are taking a trip to Value Village to search for a pair of boots. What he found, instead of say a work boot or hiking boot was a pair of children's rain boots that looked like a bumble bee. Too cute.
As soon as we arrived home he set about making the birdhouse and seeking a place to put it. One boot he just wedged in the tree after placing some hay and horse hair in it, but the other one is well thought out. He even included a dish to catch water.
One of the trees that is fairly close to the house lost a branch recently so as he was pulling that down, he installed the potential new bird condo in a place easily seen from the window right by my computer. He is just too adorable and thoughtful.  I am wishing one of my little chickadees will take up residence and I really wish I could afford some kind of camera to keep an eye on it so I could observe what goes on constantly......but that's not going to happen. I would really feel most fortunate if my hummingbird friend that was watching Bob install the house would take up residence. I can pray!!!!!!!!!

Since spring is just around the corner, I am hoping it won't be long until I see little heads poking out of the boot cuff and it better not be the starlings that wanted in the kitchen fan vent last year.

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