Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Most days

Most every day I wake up, have a little coffee (okay..maybe a lot), log onto the computer, check e-mails, and see what's happening on Facebook. Thoughts roll through my head about a lot of subjects and I quite frequently have my blog thoughts rolling around being composed and then....I get busy and forget to come here and share them.

What's up with that???

Since the beginning of this New Year I have had a month of love where I posted every day on Facebook and I couldn't manage to get myself here. I had a fun time though and went through a bunch of good music and great thoughts and quotes. March flew by, Easter came and went and I even celebrated another birthday. I've had a ton of fun these past many months. It started with Melina (a grand niece) coming to help close the barn on most Sunday evenings. Occasionally, Melina's brother Dre and/or a friend comes with her as well as one or both parents. I love sharing the horse experience. Then I started doing art projects with Melina and Dre once in awhile and the next thing I know I'm doing them with the other nephew's children every week and I'm loving it. Being infused with the energy, the lovingness, and the fun of all the kids and their parents is just beyond cool. I wish my own children lived closer so I could share all this fun with the grandchildren. I will be sharing all the art projects we have done and will do but I'm doing that on my other blog....emeraldheartproductions.com.

Today, I need to keep this short and simple. I am still working on spring cleaning. I cannot believe it is taking this long, but I hope to be done soon. I have been in just about every cupboard and drawer in the world it seems. I have dusted, vacuumed, steamed,and wiped just about every thing in the house. I have also sorted and culled items for a yard sale or donation. Today I am going to help my friend Kim out at her store as she is in the process of moving her home life. The birds and the horses still fill my days and don't forget my other buddies Abby, Tika, and Zoe.

Next time my mind starts composing I'll try to get it here. You'll be the first to know.
Have a great day.

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