Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Yikes!!!!! My procrastination is profound

Oh my goodness. My procrastination is superb. I just logged in for the first time in, well, let's just say forever. Not that I haven't thought about you because I have, I just can't explain why I haven't written.

Things change it seems and we go from one routine to another and some things get lost or forgotten along the way. It seems this has been one of them.

The last bit of 2012 found us putting our beloved pit bull Abby down. It turned out she had mammary cancer that when it presented itself was too late to treat. She was the best dog. Sweet, gentle and big loving eyes. She never gave us grief over anything. She did however want to be a lap dog which was a bit impossible at 72 pounds. This caused a few problems between her and the little dog, but they were still chums to the end.
Life with just the one dog has been interesting and gets better all the time, but we still miss our Abby girl.

Since I live on a horse farm where approximately 35 horses are boarded, 2012 and 2013 found many of my old or medically infirm friends racing off to meet Epona and have eternal grazing. Each horse had it's own personality and things I loved about each and every one of them. If you have read any previous posts then you know how it breaks my heart when they leave.
The biggest loss has been of Fire this past fall. Fire has always been in our family for the most part. My eldest sister bred some of her fine horses to get her. She was fostered out for awhile until the next sister bought her and has had her ever since. She was best friends with Diva my sisters other mare that departed in the fall of 2009. Fire was 34 and the most elegant Arabian I have ever seen. She had a beautiful prance and fanned her tail in the loveliest of ways in order to poop. I spent every evening with her during her last 3 months or so and it still seems strange not to see her in the barn.

This is Fire and me looking out from her barn during our nightly visit/walk-about.
We did have a darling filly born at the barn the day after my birthday. Gaia is a spark of fun. Fire was the first to know she was coming and trumpeted it to all the others at the barn. I feel like she waited to leave this earthly plane until Gaia was born and she could get to know her.

I started to work at Ben Franklin's art and craft store and it seems like the rest of the fall and the holiday season just went poof!!. But here I am. I shall come back for a visit soon.