Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wild horses run free forever

Well, that's what Rod Stewart sings anyway. The reality is this.....there are very few wild horses anymore. What I really wanted to talk about and what this song really makes me think of is a horse friend that was euthanized recently. Hopefully she is running wild and free with Diva now along with some of their other friends who have passed on.
I believe in euthanasia, but that doesn't make it any easier when you see it happen. It happened over a week ago now and I am just getting to where I can write about it. It was an exceptionally sad experience.
I realized that I had been really lucky in the past and had somehow missed those moments when other animals in my life had to be put down.
Anjenue was a really nice girl. She had many friends at the barn including Fire who is very old and was best of buds with Diva. She was also a mother to two horses. Coco is her son and is owned by the same person who owned her. Her daughter is Chatelaine who is owned by my sister Suzanne. Suzanne said Anjenue was never a trouble. She didn't get sick and she didn't cause any trouble. She was just a nice horse. In the end, being a nice horse didn't matter because her hooves had severe problems and she was in terrible pain.
I made promises to Diva to watch over Fire, Aria, Bronte, and Chatelaine and now I have made more promises to watch over Kahlua, Jocco, Coco, and Karuba. My little barn duties are expanding quite a bit.

Zoe the cat is sitting in a small space right where my left knee is and she just nudged me so I would give her some more attention. For extra emphasis she ripped some of my papers. Guess I better wrap this up.

Sunday was a beautiful day here. Bob and I went to Camano Island for the day. We took Abby and Tika with us for extra fun and extra challenges. We haven't played the Ipod in the car for awhile, but we did that day and that is when I heard this song again. It immediately brought a picture of a beautiful sunny day, rolling grassy hills with Diva and Anjenue just running wild and free. You looked wonderful ladies.
I'll keep to my promises and think of you often. Thank you for enriching my life.

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