Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's rainy here in Woodinville and your thought for the day.

I have a plethora of things I use daily to inspire me or give me things to ponder. Today's thought says "Tears are a gift that cleanses the body of toxins and nourishes the seeds of hope that can grow even in a broken heart".
That seems kind of apropos today as it is raining like crazy here today, but I don't know of any broken hearts. I am happy that all the food seeds that have burst into plants get watered for free and continue to grow, especially all my pumpkins. I don't know why I love watching them grow so much, but I do. I was hoping to have Eli here to share some with, but Palo Alto is a tad far. However, my oldest sister Jayne' says that horses like pumpkins and squash, so I may have an opportunity to share with them and confirm this information. Bob and I have also grown some carrots and we KNOW that they will gobble those up fast. Quite frequently we find the cottontail bunnies out in the garden. You might be interested to know they did not eat the carrot crops, but did eat all of Bob's pea plants. Who could have predicted that? We put the lettuce and kale up out of their reach or they might have found more to devour.
Even though it is rainy and gray here today, the beauty of western Washington and Woodinville in particular is all the green and the trees. Somehow, for me, that makes all the gray okay. The dogs who sleep plenty as it is on any given day, are buried under the covers. It really makes me chuckle to see Tika the Boston Terrier do that, and to watch her come out from under the covers is a total crack up. The horses have hidden under their sheds and all seems peaceful on the farm.
I may not have a broken heart that needs mending, but I have in the past. The universe does not put limits on anything, which means there are no limits on love....being loved, lovable, or loving. Do your best and give as much as possible away every day. What comes back to you will be worth it!! Like my pumpkin vines, your love could be vining all over the place. What a thought.     Love to you whoever you are and wherever you go.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Bob the builders birthday

It may not seem like much of a birthday today because he did get up at 5, went to work, and now he's home getting ready to paint the railing on the back deck. He is so tall he stands on the ground and paints that side of the railing while I paint the inside.
We were putting primer paint on that way on Saturday when Tika got herself all mixed up and stepped into the paint. That required a bath in the sink and the scrubbing of her paws which she did not like. Hopefully she doesn't do it again.
Once a week (on Mondays) Bob goes over to his Aunt Lee's house to play music with her and to teach her how to play her banjo and the dobro guitar she now has. In exchange, she gives me lessons in china painting which she has world wide recognition for. Kind of an unfair exchange because she has the ability to play music, but I do not have any ability when it comes to drawing and painting that requires shading. I am very good at colors and abstract. She certainly has to work far harder at trying to teach me than Bob has to work to teach her. The really great part of this, is that at the end of the lesson Aunt Lee may tell Bob a story about his dad Joe, her brother. Bob's mother died when he was 16 or 17 and his father died quite awhile ago also.
I think this has been a wonderful part of moving here. Bob not only lives by most of his family, in the area he grew up in, but he also has many, many life long friends that he can see regularly. I get a bonus also. When I lived in Salt Lake for 10 years, I lived near 2 sisters and my parents. Living here in Washington, I live by the other 2 sisters and I get all of Bob's family. 2 aunties live nearby and a 3rd one about 11/2 hours away, and an uncle. I really like having extra aunties.I haven't lived near my auntie Janis in a long time. Unfortunately, my daughter Darcy, her husband Chris, and their son Eli, just moved from Washington, back to Northern California, so my really big bonus got revoked.

Thought for the day is from Robin St. John:

What the heart gives away is never gone.....It is kept in the hearts of others.

Take care and remember that life is a gift.

Happy birthday Bob. You are the love of my life.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Farm continued

looking out off the back deck
So this is my view out the back deck most everyday. Anywhere from 3 to 7 horses in my line of sight. It is incredibly peaceful.
In the afternoon when Bob gets home from work, we usually take some time together out on the back deck if the weather permits just so we can soak up the good energy. Otherwise, we have sofa time and get to see Diva's two children, Aria and Bronte, and another mare named Chatelaine.
All the horses have their own personalities, they all LOVE carrots or apples, and they enjoy getting love from their owners and also from Bob and I.
You cannot pick a favorite because they are all lovable, but I do give extra time and attention to the older ones and those whose owners can't come out very often. Sometimes they have problems or get sick and then they really get extra attention from all of us.
I am going to feel like a "Sound of Music" song here, but one of my favorites things is to give them kisses.

There can NEVER be too many people who love you. That applies to everyone out there, people and otherwise. Have a great day.

The Farm continued

Shortly after moving here, our two dogs got into a spat (we think) and our little Boston terrier lost one of her blue eyes. She is a very spunky little girl, most days exuding tons of joy and a little p&v. Her name is Tika. Our bigger dog is Abby, who can actually smile. I'll post a picture of her after I take a picture of her smiling. It's very cute.

We no sooner got over that, then I hurt my knee, and not to long after recovering from that, I got knocked over by one of the really old horses (she was not being mean) and got trampled by her. I wound up with the worst shoulder break the Orthopedic surgeon had ever seen. I now have extra body parts....a metal plate and 9 screws and I am still working on geting all my arm movement back. The old mare that knocked me down lost her best friend last fall (another old mare) and the farm still doesn't feel the same. This is the two old friends together last fall. They are Fire (on the left) and Diva (with her back to us).

The Farm

In March of 2009, Bob and I moved to the house on my sisters horse farm. We don't own any horses, but we love and are friends now with about 40 of them.
looking to front of farm house
On any given day I can look out any window of any side of my house and see these fabulous creatures.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Need of Human Friendship

This is from an article that had been cut out and pasted in that old book I mentioned. It is titled
"The need of Human Friendship"

We all need the touch of human friendship. We need it specially in our times of darkness.
No person lives well who does not draw about him or her a few loving friends who will be a tower of strength in days of storm and strife.
There is a time to show sympathy when it is needed;  when the time has passed and we have only slept meanwhile , we may as well sleep on.
You did not go near your friend when he was fighting his battle alone.
You might have helped him then. What use is there in your coming to him now, when he has won or conquered without your aid.
You paid no attention to your neighbor while he was bending under his load and struggling with many difficulties.
You let him alone then. You never told him you sympathized with him. You never went to him to speak a word of encouragement in those days when your help was so much needed.
You never scattered a handful of flowers on his hard path.
And now that he has gone what is the use of recalling how nobly he battled , how heroically he lived.
No, no; having let him go on unhelped, uncheered, unencouraged during those days, when he needed so sorely your sympathy.
Truly, human sympathy is a much needed quality in the building of character,
Let us strive to make it an important factor in our lives this day and henceforth.

Written in the early nineteenth century, but still applicable today wouldn't you say???

Monday, August 23, 2010

I survived

Well, the big classic car show is over, the family reunion picnic is over and I lived to tell about it

The car show was Saturday the 14th of August. It turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far for this area. My friend Joy and I crafted ourselves crazy to get ready. We set up our wares for sale and spent most of the day relocating our wares and ourselves to the shade. A very nice man in the next tent over selling cat and dog products loaned us one of his sun filter sides for our canopy......it was wonderful and helped tremendously.

Not much traffic, but those that did show up in the heat liked our products. That doesn't mean they bought anything because the economy is in the same depressed place it has been, but at least we know if they had money to spend they would purchase our creations.

On Saturday the 21st, we had the family reunion picnic for my husband's family. We were mostly in charge of planning and executing, and thankfully we had tons of help by most of the family attending.
I also had to get the house ready for Bob's daughter Sarah and her husband Brian to visit so the whole week was a big push to either clean, cook, plan, shop, or eat. All four of us were successful in our endeavors.

On the way to Bob's aunt's house a week ago today to practice music, we hit a detour for construction that took us up a side street. As we drove past one house in particular there was a bunch of stuff sitting out front like you would set out for a garage sale. I asked Bob to back up so we could take a look. It was actually pretty interesting as they had quite a bit of stuff that said FREE!. There were old books and newspapers and one old memory album that was very interesting. Bob, Sarah, Brian, and I spent the rest of the week reading all these very cool old papers. The ads alone were amazing as well as reading again about the news of the time
The old album is what interests me the most at the moment and my next post will include something from it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I can't believe I just did this.

I have friends that tell me all the time I should start a blog. I just keep procrastinating and being afraid, but here I am today just "doing it".
Of course, I've gone and done it on a day I should be devoting to creating things to sell this weekend at a local classic car show....so maybe I better get to it.

I may be busy for a day or two getting all things creative accomplished, but then I would like to share some pictures and life on the horse farm where I live.