Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Farm continued

looking out off the back deck
So this is my view out the back deck most everyday. Anywhere from 3 to 7 horses in my line of sight. It is incredibly peaceful.
In the afternoon when Bob gets home from work, we usually take some time together out on the back deck if the weather permits just so we can soak up the good energy. Otherwise, we have sofa time and get to see Diva's two children, Aria and Bronte, and another mare named Chatelaine.
All the horses have their own personalities, they all LOVE carrots or apples, and they enjoy getting love from their owners and also from Bob and I.
You cannot pick a favorite because they are all lovable, but I do give extra time and attention to the older ones and those whose owners can't come out very often. Sometimes they have problems or get sick and then they really get extra attention from all of us.
I am going to feel like a "Sound of Music" song here, but one of my favorites things is to give them kisses.

There can NEVER be too many people who love you. That applies to everyone out there, people and otherwise. Have a great day.

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