Saturday, September 25, 2010

It is ONE beautiful day outside!!!!

The weather lately is one sunny day then 2-3 cloudy rainy days. Today is just gorgeous and around 71 degrees. Couldn't be better unless it was 72.
I say that because my grandfather and I decided once that 72 was the perfect temperature. When I was under 15, my grandparents lived in Renton which is south of where I live now (for non-WA people). My parents would drop us off here for the summer and one year my older sister and I lived with them for the entire year, so grandpa and I had many occasions to discuss the perfect temperature. This was mostly done outside either sitting on the steps of the front porch or under the most fabulous peach tree ever.
When I was really little I thought their front porch was huge (it wasn't). Especially the time I made mud pies and baked them all over the porch. Grandmother was just a tad upset and made me wash them off......then the porch was huge. I have a vague recollection of taking a tootsie pop I was sucking on and making dots all over the porch with it. I can't remember if I got in trouble for that one or not....I may have it all rolled up in my memory with the mud pie thing. I'm sure it was an occasion where I was called by my first, middle, and last names.

Now the peach tree was a stunner. Lots of low branches and kind of easy to climb into, but the best part was the humongous peaches that came off that tree. Nothing compares to the time spent with grandpa eating them. I remember the first time I went grocery shopping by myself looking for peaches. I came across some dinky things labeled peaches, but they didn't look right. There happened to be a produce boy working nearby so I asked him where the peaches were like I hadn't seen the dinky ones. He walked me over to those sad little things and said "these are the peaches". All I could say was "Noooo, they don't look like peaches to me". Heck, they barely seemed bigger than most apricots. It seems to be an on going search for me to find peaches that I think are as big as the ones at grandpas house. I have gotten some really nice ones at the Pike Place Market over the years when I have some to Seattle for a visit and at Costco. I really like the white flesh peaches. As good as they are, I am still searching. Even if I found them, the whole experience would be lacking since grandpa wouldn't be there, just sitting quietly beside me, being my grandpa.

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